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Digital Strategist Dave Chaffey

We could throw a whole lot of buzz words at you about Dave, and all of them would be true. But instead we’ll just give you two really important ones. Passionately practical. He keeps it real. Down-to-earth. According to the dictionary, “passionately practical” means having intense emotion about proven effectiveness. This is Dave’s catch cry, his work ethic, and business acumen.

In small business, you need big answers. Especially if you want to grow an empire. Dave’s jargon-free, humorous, anecdotal talks give you clear and practical digital solutions for SMEs. Whether you’re after a keynote speaker for a business summit or an informal after-dinner chat, Dave will shed light on developing and innovative IT trends, strategies for digital marketing, and how to avoid the pitfalls of growing your business.

Digital Strategist Marie Naudi

Marie Naudi is a senior member at KBB Digital and heads up the Business Development and Marketing Strategist Team. She also features on the Kochie’s Business Builders Television Program as a Digital Marketing expert and writes articles for the Kochie’s Business Builders and KBB Digital website.

Marie is responsible for developing digital strategies and directing the implementation of these strategies to promote growth of established businesses.