Terms & Conditions
KBB Digital

All successful sign-ups made through the Kochie’s Business Builders Referral Program in conjunction with KBB Digital will be paid under the following structure:

By taking part in Kochie’s Business Builders Referral Program in conjunction with KBB Digital you are stating that the referral/s provided by you is/are eligible for this program and that you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions therein.

Referees must be subscribed to the Kochie’s Business Builders Newsletter by the time the referral signs up to undertake a service with KBB Digital in order to qualify for the designated amount to be paid. Referees can sign up to the newsletter.

Referees may refer as many candidates or clients as they choose as long as the referrals meet the below KBB Digital criteria;

All referrals must be new clients to KBB Digital and will not be classified as referrals if KBB Digital has been providing support, other services or has been in contact within the last two years.

For a referee to be paid their designated amount the referral must sign-up to a KBB Digital product package within six months from the first contact made from KBB Digital employees. If the referral signs up after the six month period KBB Digital is not bound to the Terms and Conditions within.

Products covered by the referral program include: Website Development Packages, SEO Packages,  Digital Marketing Strategy Packages, Social Media Strategy Packages and Social Media Management Packages.

Products not covered by the referral program include: Pay-Per-Click, Retargeting, Ad Hoc Web or Marketing Work or Website Hosting Packages.

The referral must sign-up and make the first payment for the service to KBB Digital before the designated amount is paid to the referee.

The designated amount paid to the referee is per referral not per product or service signed up with KBB Digital regardless of the time between services.

All incentive payments to the referee will be paid on the last business day of the month, following the completion of the referred sign-up.

Referrals are not valid where the prospect and the referring party are one and the same person.

In the event that a referral is submitted twice from different referees, the first referee will be eligible for the reward.

Once the referral is received, KBB Digital will make contact with the referral prospect within five working days.  Contact will be made to the referral prospect through telephone and/or email as provided by you, the referrer.

The amount offered as a reward is what is listed on the KBB Digital website at the time of the referral submission.

KBB Digital reserves the right to change the Referral Program and its Terms and Conditions at any time, any decision made by KBB Digital is final. This program may be terminated at KBB Digital’s discretion.  For further information please email businessdevelopment@kbbdigital.com.au